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a novel by

Nick Padron

 *A riveting read . . .  an astounding and superb job in recreating the era during JFK's assassination . . . a very strong writer's voice, one I haven't come across in such a long time for a new novelist...Lea Schizas MuseItUp Publishing


*… Padron’s fiction is evocative, passionate … he is incapable of writing a boring word… David Landau, publisher, editor, author of the classic work Kissinger: The Uses of Power


*… Both, a sensitive and powerful writer…Erica Orloff,  best-selling author of multiple novels across several genres


*Whatever you think you're gonna find in The Cuban Scar . . . I guarantee it . . . will keep you turning pages . . . perspectives on the Kennedy assassination are illuminating and subtly drawn out in unexpected ways . . . the whiffs of honesty that pervade the book . . . has that sensibility of ambiguity - moral, historical and otherwise - deeply comic vision of human bumbling . . . another sign of the true writer...Tom Badyna, author of Flick


*Whether his name is Gabriel Hemingway or Nick Padron doesn't matter. My two words are “Great writer,” an author with a unique voice. Read him. Listen to him, he has something to say in the literary world. To the literary world...William Williamson, poet and novelist, author of the Some Came First series.


*. . . enjoyed it a lot. It is very directly written . . . it has the ring of truth...Laurence De B. Anderson, author of The Redeemed